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Victorian interior gothic interior

My own home interior pics at the bottom of this page.   I'll overuse the words Victorian interior design or Gothic interior design decor a little because it gets more tags on search engines.  My blog is more of a picture gallery of brownstones, row houses, and mansion interiors.  An elaborate wooden coffered ceiling here with a decorative arched built in bookcase and crystal chandelier.  This room is the complete Victorian parlor interior. 


Wonderful Old World Gothic chandeliers and paintings with castle like wood wainscoting, enriched molding, crown molding, and wrought iron bannister in this new construction.  Victorian interior design features are back these days in very high end homes.

Same home as the above pic.  This grand Victorian fireplace mantle is over the top.  My kind of designer mixing the Victorian candelabras with a more Old World style chandelier and coffee table.

A different mansion here with Old World castle like chairs beside the mantle and a Victorian style table and chairs facing the mantel.

What a colorful foyer with Gothic like arched stained glass windows .


Victorian office library.

Baltimore, Maryland mansion

Brooklyn New York brownstone (2 below).  What I love most about the Brooklyn brownstones is the different Victorian window fame designs.  Tall floor to ceiling window heights typically with stained wood frames.  These brownstones were the high end residences from the later 19th century and are again today.

Old World mansion interior

Presidents St. Brooklyn NY built in 1888 (2 below)

A New York upper west side brownstone.

Old World Gothic mansion

Gothic glam bathroom interior.

New York upper east side

Interior of a tudor house.

Old World Gothic bathroom

Brooklyn, New York Victorian brownstone interior.

Midtown Manhattan.

W 136 ST  Central Harlem (next 3) Victorian brownstone interior photos.

I love mixing Old World interior designs (chandelier) with Victorian interior designs (mirror).

Philadelphia brownstone built in 1877 (next 2).  The stained glass windows are beautiful in this Victorian interior.

Would you believe this is new construction?  They don't make them like they used to?  Yes they do.

Chase Street in Baltimore.  Wonderful stained glass windows, wainscoting, and ornate ceiling moldings in this Victorian interior.

This kitchen below is the same home as the above 2 pics.  It has such a warm cozy feeling to it.  And being in an old brownstone makes it all the more special to me.  Love it.

What a grand Gothic mirror in this Victorian interior design.

Purely Old World interior design.

New construction of Old World Charm

 Harlem New York.  Incredible Victorian ornate window frames with fancy pediments.

Washington DC row house Victorian interior

An 1883 Baltimore Victorian brownstone ( 2 below).

Row house interior with bay windows from 1885.

Hearst castle.  REAL Old World interior design.

Victorian style interior.

2 photos below are the same Gothic style brownstone in Chicago.  This brownstone went under a very extensive exterior renovation in 1995.  The original sandstone features were extremely weathered.  Most of the features had to be custom sculpted and carefully shipped.  Modifications had to be made to retrofit the pieces.  Lots of wonderful wood wainscoting with a marble mantle.

Glam closet.

Manhattan upper west side.

New York upper east side.

Washington DC

New construction again in this Old World Victorian interior style. "The smokers lounge" 

Victorian Gothic style office interior.

Old World Gothic style interior design.

Love this robust Victorian crown molding.

Prospect Park West Brooklyn New York (next 3).  My best Victorian interior style pictures due to their size

Victorian style interior bannister stairway.

What a great entertaining room below.  A warm and comfortable room.

Gothic interior

 Central Harlem

Photos (2 below) by Jonathan Kissock.  Although I prefer stained wood.  The white painted frame works well with this Victorian interior.

1930's Tudor.  Fully paneled walls always add an elegant touch.  Although this house was built after the Victorian era, Victorian interior style designs were still used in some homes. 

This mantle below is my absolute favorite.  I love it more than my own home mantle.
 Even without the top portion.

Plentiful Victorian style shell motifs on this ceiling.

East Village New York

This is extreme Gothic interior decor with some Victorian interior and Old World interior aspects. 
It really has the Dracula or haunted mansion feel.  Love it.

Brooklyn  (2 below)

Gothic gargoyle.

                                                           A New York upper west side brownstone. 

Gothic Glam

An 1896 St. Louis mansion (next 3).  Superb Victorian stained glass windows.

Victorian style interior fireplace mantle.

Below is a Boston brownstone off Commonwealth Ave.  Vintage antique wall sconces are in these days.   Real antique vintage sconce lights like these go for up around a thousand dollars.  Even look alikes from the 1960's are somewhat expensive.  I like the 3 light sconces best.  You need two over a mantel.  Or they can be effective in a hallway for foyer.

 1907 house

Another mix of modern interior design with a touch of Victorian interior in this London UK flat.  

 Central Harlem New York

These Victorian sconce lights are my favorite style with the 3 arms. 

 Brooklyn New York

Another incredible Victorian shell motifs ceiling with thick crown molding, fluted door frame columns with capitol pediments.

Plenty of dark wood wainscoting just the way I like it.

A Savannah GA Gothic door (not a church or commercial building) I photographed with lion knockers, cool arches, and gas lanterns.

There's a lot going on in this extreme Victorian interior style.

I just had to include this Victorian doorway because the frame is so unique.   

Old World  fireplace mantle with candelabra sconce lights.

Glam bath

Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York.  More of those beautiful stained wood window cornices.

Another Chicago brownstone Victorian interior foyer.

Old World Gothic interior style.

Victorian style interior stairway bannister chandelier with Gothic castle-like window.

Old World Gothic Victorian style interior office library bookshelf chandelier

Wood galore bath.

1905 mansion.

Victorian gothic interior style.

An 1890 Brooklyn brownstone (2 below).

New York upper east side Victorian interior bannister

 Photo  by Kristin Hinkin

Brooklyn New York

All you need is one or more candelabras to add a gothic interior flare to a room.  Very nice ornate design details above the doorway and bookcasings (below).  My kind of room.  Usually it's young women in thier late teens that go for this type of Gothic inteior design with the Victorian interior mix.  I'm the exception, being a 40 year old heterosexual male.

Victorian Gothic interior style.

Peles castle (above) in Romania.  REAL Old World interior castle.

Victorian interior style bathroom

Park Place Brooklyn New York (next 2 below).

Another full paneled wall.

Savannah, Georgia.  Built in 1857.

Another grand Victorian stairway.

Photo by Ell Brown

Photo by Milton Lowe

Black & white. 

Great Old World interior design. 

Photo by Carl Stone. 

Below is a mix of old world charm and Victorian interior decor.

 Photo by Green DC Realty

The picture frames could have been better in this Old World interior design.  Otherwise the rest is great.  Love the Old World iron chandelier.

A tudor mansion.

Photo (below) by Paul Ivazes.  A real Gothic gas light.

Upper West side New York.

 Photo by Richard Walker

The walls in this interior are of course severely in need of a painting.  Combined with the ornate mirrors and chandelier it really has the gothic interior feel.

 Photo (below) by Richard Walker

Those arched Gothic windows were most popular in the late 1920's.  They look spectacular in this Old Word Gothic Victorian interior.  The castle look on exterior houses was big during that time as well.  Tudor architecture dominated a little later into the mid 1930's.  Modern art deco was also popular around the mid 1930's. 

London, UK

 Photo (below) by Ell Brown

A 1908 mansion (next 2)

An 1882 Philadelphia mansion.  This one has it all with Victorian mirrors, beautiful door surround, and painted ceiling.

 Photo (below) by Jeffrey Klee


It's only about the fireplace mantle in this photo.  I really really like it.

                                                                Simple but nice.

 Photo by Jeffrey Klee

W 137 ST Central Harlem New York (2 below)

Manhattan mansion

Old World Victorian style library built in 1993.  Yes 1993.

Thomas Edison library (2 below) by Gouglas Keil

Photo by Jarl Anderson

Photo by Bill Strong.  I rarely include commercial buildings but this lobby is beautiful.

New York Park Avenue

A 1904 mansion (2 below)

What a cool Old World bar.

Liverpool, UK

Old castle interior?  Nope.  New construction again.

DC row house

Nice Florida room.

More Brooklyn New York


My home interior (next 15 pictures).  Great room.

My great room.  The mantle is 7 feet long.

My great room.  It's a female.

My foyer.

My Victorian stairway.

Somewhat of a frame hoarder.  I get them from Kirklands on clearance.  Most under $20.  Then remove the undesirable picture.

My traditional Gothic bedroom.

I like to enlarge my own photography or sometimes get pictures off  There is always something better than that same old boring store bought art pic you might have. is a great site to upload your images to because they're very inexpensive and you can easily measure your frame and then crop your picture to the exact dimensions on their site.

My master bath.  It's small.  But I do have 2.5 bathrooms in my 2 bedroom 1200 sq ft townhouse.  I used a curtain rod here.  There is a secondary shower rod behind with a working shower curtain.  My idea.

My Florida patio.

My second bath (in second bedroom).  Never gets used.  Never need to clean.

My 1st floor powder room.  These bath pics did well on with over 8,000 views.

Powder room.  The Victorian photo is supposed to amplify the theme.

Powder room.   The door of DC.

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