Friday, June 17, 2011

Old World interior design

Featuring Old World, Victorian, gothic, traditional, castle, and row house interiors with exterior pictures of row houses. My style is Old World with a touch of Victorian, gothic, and traditional without antique furniture. Here you will find numerous photos of these things complete with all out Victorian interiors.


 17th century staircase Netherlands tumblr_lij2kfdImW1qgnbemo1_500KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA  victorian room

Below is real Old World.  Taken from Ksiaz castle in Poland.
A favorite Ksiaz castle-1  lamp
Castle of Miramare
Another castle.  Adding a statue goes far to add Old World interior flare.
A favorite hearst castle - Copy
Row house interior1116 1116a 1116b 1116c 2550 Webster Stairs 20894_61915535   ingomardoorInterior h  living room 2 Interior b

Old World interior design.
Old world image Old world stairway  old world door  R freashhome_library R old world 3 R old world 5 R old world 6

More real Old World interior from a castle. R old world 8

Tuscan interior is about the same as Old World to me.
R oldworld

Below is Sting’s music room.  Old World interior all the way.
Sting music room Sting library
  reading roomvictorian foyer

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